Kampung girl at heart

Location: Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I am in love...with Kedah

Is it possible to love a place so much that you worry of being sent away from it?

I do.

I did not expect to feel this way, not at all. Catch me three years ago and I would've bored you with my litany of hate list. I hated this place with every fibre of my being. I couldn't wait to get away from it.

But love crept from behind and took me by surprise. And I am now singing a different tune. The very things that I hated about this place, I dearly cherished now.

All the things I love about this place are things that cannot be bought.

The best is the greenery. I mean where else can a person see a padi field right smack in the heart of town. Come to Alor Star and see it for yourself. It is slowly disappearing as the Government needed the land to build more houses. No doubt the demand for houses is rising but I wish they would retain some of it for these padi fields added to the local charms.

Close on its heel is the fresh and clean air. Not much traffic or industry here so you can flung your arms out and just breathe in deeply. The air is sweet here.

And you can't beat the friendliness of the locals here. Yes, I still have problem understanding the local dialect but they are so friendly especially when they found out I am from Johor.

I think the locals are so used to running their place down that they get taken aback when they hear me singing praises instead. Some looked at me carefully to check whether I was being sarcastic.

Perhaps this was God's way of teaching me a lesson in humility. After all, I heaped lots of scorn on this place. Maybe this is His way of teaching me to scorn at anything as it might be the thing I'll end up loving.

Well, all I can say to God is, it was a lesson well learnt. I don't mind eating humble pie because this place has been very good for my mind and soul.

So yes, please to another slice of that pie, dear God, for I needed your reminders to understand that things happened for a reason. Because you will it to be. I am learning to trust and submit to your will.