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Sunday, October 23, 2005


I've heard about HIV and Aids so much, read about it, watch about it on tv and films but i've never met an HIV patient until a few months ago. He is a transexual whom i met through the course of my work. we got along fine and exchange number with promises to call each other but as usual, it remained a promise.

recently, her friend call up out of the blue to tell me she was hospitalised. I visited her at alor star hospital and she was unconscious. she was in a big ward but she was given a small corner room which offer a bit of privacy. her brother in law was there to keep her company. he was kind and tried to make her be more comfortable for she was running a high temperature.

And i nearly made a blunder when the brother in law pulled me to one side to ask whether i knew if she was a drug addict. The whole family didnt know that she was a HIV patient. they thought she had high fever. i think they were in denial for her skin was full of old rash marks and she was very very thin. i find it hard to believe as they knew of her lifestyle and yet they wanted to believe that she only had high fever.

he kept persuading me to tell him what i know or try to get the full story from her friends. it is so hard to lie when it involves a person and her family.

i dont blame her for wanting to keep it a secret but I wish i could do more than just look. when i first got to know her, i was very forthright by telling her that i didn't know how to act or behave around an HIV patient. i was scared of making or saying the wrong thing. She didn't tell me that she had it. instead her friend told me the truth.

looking at her made me realised the danger of the killer disease. it made me worry about my own health and the health of my friends. i plan to grow old with them around me. i never want to die a lonely old woman whose siblings and friends have all left her. that would be so so sad.


Blogger Michael Kaer said...

I worked for Positive Straight Men, running their office on bay street in Toronto Canada. Every person I saw was HIV+ or had AID's. They are people just like you and me. Do not pity them, just treat them the same as you would anyone else ( but I would cut them a little slack). Hope that helps.

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