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Sunday, October 09, 2005

health is wealth!

I've been well and i've been sick, and the former is better than the latter. However, i should consider myself lucky that i've not been struck with any terminal diseases and i hope i never will as it will seriously dampen my fervent hope of being healthy and well until my old age where i will die peacefully and quietly in my bed, surrounded by loved ones.

Yet, every cloud has a silver lining and being sick has taught me a lot about appreciating my health and not taking it for granted. This is the only body I will have and I have to take care of it if I want to live healthy and hale into my old age.

unfortunately, i wasn't that careful in my youth. I was not fond of sports and i started drinking carbonated drinks from the age of 13 and ate a lot, which resulted in me turning plump and in turn, made me shy and apprehensive about my appearance. see the vicous circle? I made my teenage years hell..of course there were other factors but i don't want to go into that now.

I was given a second chance when i entered ITM in shah alam back in dec 1986. during the two weeks of the induction course, we were made to walk up and down the many hills in the campus, climb up the itm tower to get to our school at the 13th floor and i lost a lot of weight. from a plump 60kg to 48kg, i think. i didn't even realise it until i went home to my sister's place in cheras. She was so shocked when she saw this thin spindly girl in my baju kurung, she cried out "oh god, what have they done to you?" and cried.

come to think of it, i think it was the sight of me wearing baju kurung that shocked her and me being thin was just an afterthought! still i cant complain for she was forever trying to fed me up with good food for years later..

I think I should consider myself lucky that i was rarely sick but the downside of it is that when i get sick, i really get sick. Like the time I got not just one but two mumps when i just started my upper sixth form. i couldnt eat anything and at that time, i didn't know about painkillers so i had to endure the pain. the nights were the worst and my sister had to pick that time to make all my favourite food like stir-fried kampung mushroom (ah..it was heavenly) and fried chicken.

Then there was the dengue in mid 1990's and that was the worst two weeks of my life. my body ached horribly that i felt like taking a knife, cut open my back, take out my skeleton and gave it a hard good shake. I was at home for the first night and the next, i was at a private hospital. I was as weak as a kitten.

The first week, I could not keep think of drinking anything without feeling nauseaus and yet i was severely dehydrated that i was on drip for days. my family was worried as it became a challenge to find me a drink that i could take. Imagine drinking coffee in the morning and disliking it at lunch that even the mere thought of it gave me the shudder. took me another two weeks to recover my strength.

and then, there was my back and continuous back aches which started in mid 90's. i think i've spent thousands of ringgit trying to get well but it comes and goes. at least, i am luck that the price of a good traditional massage in alor star is still cheap. in KL, it would cost me between RM50 and RM100 and that's not including the cost of taxi fare but here, i pay between RM15 and RM20 and i can decide whether to have it at home or go to a friend's home where her Indonesian maid can give me a massage lasting between one to two hours.

now i try to go for regular massage so it used to cost several hundreds of ringgit a month. of course, there are expensive places here which charges KL rates but i don't go to them anymore.

And when it comes to massage, I think i am a semi expert. the best is the traditional malay or Indonesian massage. go for it if you want to get really well for the masseurs will knead your flesh to get to the veins. all the knots and aches will be ironed out.

reiki massage is next on my list as it uses inner energy and you'll feel well rested and at peace at the end of the session. alas, i can only get it in KL. another good method is food reflexology but be prepared to endure a lot of pain unless you are really damm well healthy.

as for the thai massage at the border town of dannok near bukit kayu hitam, much has been talked about it and my take is ..all hype but not value for money unless you are a guy and wanna have fun in between the sheets. try to get the really traditional thai massage but they are hard to find as majority of the masseurs there are really looking to make extra money off the men. so if you are a woman, they wont really bother unless you promised big tips.

now i've tried shiatsu and indian traditional massage. my verdict..too soft, too gentle that it did nothing to soothe my aching body. it touched only the surface while my body is too tough..

now all my rambling is actually leading to something and that is, take care of our health.


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Very useful Jawa, I can use what you've got here on health is wealth! as well as your other stuff for the research we're doing for building wealth. Cheers, Anny.

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