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Sunday, October 23, 2005


It happened to me recently. After a week of agonising over the proposed transfer, my boss suddenly called out of the blue on saturday morning at 10am to tell me that I could stay in kedah after all.

What boggled me was that I didn't even fought hard against the transfer. I just asked nicely and when i was told on thursday that my choice was either JB or KT, I decided to choose the latter. Only thing was that I was asked to think it over and I did.

And boy, was I glad that i took my time because I would not be given the reprieve if i had called on Friday or even on early saturday morning. I wanted to but my heart felt so heavy i decided to do it saturday noon.

would i have gone to KT? yes i would and i would be happy there but it is nice to know that i have a choice and i choose to stay in kedah.

What can i say, my time in kedah has been a blessing from God and if God decides to give me more time here, i will fill it up with all the joy and laughter, sadness and happiness, every little bit of experience and memories i can experience here.

Initially though, i was in a dilemma when i found out i can stay after all. I've set my mind on going and looking forward to experiencing all the new things there, and changing my mindset proved to be hard. even thought of calling my boss and tell him that i do want to go to KT. Luckily i took my time and after a few hours of weighing the pros and cons, Kedah won hands down.

i am now looking at my surrounding with a new perspective. Being so close to losing it made me appreciate the little things that made it so appealing and charming to me. like the fact that people here are so friendly, total strangers would stop and offer me a ride back when i didn't have a car. They just stop and ask where i was going and ask if i would like a ride. at one time, a policeman on a bike did that and i was so bowled over by their friendliness.

or that the chinese and the indians conversed fluently in kedahan malays. One time i was behind two men, an indian and a chinese in a queue and they were conversing in kedahan malay...i find that so so charming. and they are friendly too unlike the ones i met back in KL. here they are nice , humble, down to earth even though they are rich. oh i know there are the arrogants ones around but so far, i've been spared of their "charm".

and the staff at this particular mamak shop considered my their favourite customer they even gave me discounts without my knowledge. i only found out recently when the guy told the gal who was manning the counter to discount my bill. WOW!

i would be happy in KT for I know i will adapt well to the local surrounding and making friends is not a problem for me. However, I will miss these nice people here. i am just glad to be given a chance to stay and explore kedah all over again, and a second chance at falling in love with her, rediscovering the things that made me fall in the first place. I do sound daft, huh!


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i ws so happy when u told me u didn't hv to go to KT

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