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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

my slice of heaven

when i was young, my idea of heaven in being 'stucked' in a library filled with tons and tons of books. just give me enough food and drinks and i'll be happy.

i don't wish for that anymore for my wish lists have grown to movies, songs, internet, get plenty of massages and spa treatment as i can, beautiful crystal jewellery, tandoori chicken and nan bread, capatis, tosai, and having good hearted people as friends and lovers.

i also don't want to be alone. i had been a loner long enough and now i want to have people to talk with, to share ideas, to learn from.

and i want FREEDOM to think, to have my own opinion and views and to be able to express em anytime and anywhere. i want to roam around the world and meet new people, learn new things and be amazed and awed by new sights and sounds.

then i came here and i realise that i may not have all that but i do have some of that. i have several spots here which have beautiful scenery and travelling past em always make me feel happy.
there are people here whom i adore and being with them make me feel happy and light hearted.

i didn;t realise i found my slice of heaven here.


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